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Project aims

The general goal of the project "Researching Quality and Quality in Research – QiR" is to promote the conversion of Western-Balkan Countries research standards with those of the EU member states, i.e. to meet the goals formulated in the Lisbon Convention and to fulfil the aims of the Bologna Process. This is done by various measures, most notably:

  • The introduction of quality assurance in scientific research in the target region
  • The development of international relations and fostering networking activities among the scientific community
  • The support of the research work of young scientific researcher at the PCUs in order to strengthen their capacities and skills

To achieve these specific objectives, the project is therefore divided into the following nine different work packages:
- (DEV) WP 1. As-is situation assessed and analyzed
- (DEV) WP 2. Quality standards for research developed
- (DEV) WP 3. QiR Standards Officer installed and cooperation with R&D SC Manager assured
- (DEV) WP 4. Quality standards adopted and published
- (DEV) WP 5. Pilot project for Young Scientific Researcher (YSR) launched
- (QPLN) WP 6. Quality control
- (EXP) WP 7. Sustainability of the project achieved
- (DISS) WP 8. Aims and goals of the project disseminated
- (MNGT) WP 9. Project successfully managed

The definition, development and implementation of quality standards in research are in line with European and international regulations. High quality research activities therefore not only help to increase the universities' reputation but also largely contribute to the competitiveness of the national innovation system of their countries. The project especially aims at fostering the research activities of Young Scientific Researcher of the SEE Region, which is a direct investment in the development of the academic staff (Human Resource Development). Furthermore, good research serves as basis for good teaching: the benefits of a high quality in research thus trickle down to the students.